How my journey began

Linda Mings, Tailor and Owner of Custom Style & Fit

Linda Mings, Tailor and Owner of Custom Style & Fit


I first became intrigued with sewing as a teen when I saw the sewing room of the mother of my best friend. As an adult I took a few courses and bought my first sewing machine. I was always a frustrated shopper. Being 5’1” I always had to shorten clothes – plus my body type did not match that of the clothes in the stores and I found skirts, dresses and pants ill fitting. Even trying to sew clothing from purchased patterns I was encountering similar problems.  I decided that I wanted to learn to make clothing from scratch using my own body measurements. So in 2010 I enrolled in a tailoring night course and 6 years later received my diploma. I have been making clothes based on my body measurements and frame and wanted to offer this service to other people as well.  And that’s how Custom Style and Fit came to be!


Some kind comments from our clients…

“I just want to thank Linda for the custom made bed sheets for my guest bedroom. No one else has anything like them and it makes my guests feel special.”

— Julie S.

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